Time Traveling

April 18.2014

I’m having a hard time writing this post because I’m in denial that this trip is coming to an end. Also, how do I sum up 5 weeks of stuff into one post… So, SO many good times/things have happened. But I know that the experience doesn’t end just because the trip did. So here it goes. (So obviously I wrote this while in the airport still…and it’s a few days later now… whoops 😉 )

2am came so quick. And a somber mood coated out group. Leaving the villa was bittersweet. Those walls hold memories, secrets, experiences, laughs and tears. Leaving also means that were leaving the country. It’s a good thing its sad though. Because then we know we had a good time. A really good time.

I’m going to miss my kids, tea time, fantails (milk did like candy), my villamates, seeing the 14 of us all the time, the weather, the kangas, the markets, the muffins, the slang, the colorful money, the mall, the accents, the adventures, the lifestyle and the memories. I’ll even miss the busses, the hills, the early mornings and the late nights.

As I write this I realize the list could go on for a very long time. I want to see my family and friends really bad. But with that being said I was never homesick. Does that make sense?

The last I'll see of Australia for a while.
The last I’ll see of Australia for a while.
neck pillows in tow and bracing ourselves for the second (longest) flight
neck pillows in tow and bracing ourselves for the second (longest) flight


Welp, we began this morning at 4am, for the day of impossible timing. Haha we have 23 hours on a plane, 9 hours in airports and 1 hour in car. That makes 33 hours of travel in all. But get this, so we leave at 6am Friday Canberra time ( where we anticipate getting home today, but michigan views it as tomorrow) and get home just 13 hours later at 7pm Michigan time. How does that work!?! Haha i mean I know its time change and stuff, but thats not so easy to tell my body. Its weird too, cause coming here we took 3 days, because of time change. Strange. Anyway, I’m on flight 2 of 3 now and have already watched 4 movies. Woo!!!


Friday morning sunrise take 2. ;)
Friday morning sunrise take 2. 😉

I’m excited to be home to see my family (especially pumped that my bros are picking me up), to sleep in, see friends, to do laundry, to run on flat ground, to clean, to graduate and to apply for jobs!! Eek!!

Thank you so much to everyone who has been reading this and supporting me in my adventure. I have learned SO SO much about myself as a person and as a professional. Although this will be my last blog post for a while, that surely does not mean the learning has stopped. I know the lesson I’ve learned and things I’ve experienced will continue to unfold for the next days, weeks and years as I grow more KoalafiedToTeach. Thanks again! It means so much to me. ( the support from a far was incredibly encouraging )

I will continue to post (less frequently) about my adventures as a teacher especially as I join the professional world.

Goodbye for now Aussie! I hope we meet again soon 🙂


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