Last Supper

April 16.2014

Well I am sufficiently pooped. This tourist ‘routine’ we have going for us is not keen to sleeping/resting.

For our last day at Questacon, Paige and I dressed up in real (real hot) astronaut suits!! So cool. We walked around and posed for pictures and high-fived kids. Some kids were terrified. I think paige said one even cried, but most were super curious and wanted to come see us.

I’m holding the stick bug. Double science-y!!

After that we worked a draining shift at rocket building. I do like the rockets, but in my tired state, the chaos was a bit much to handle.

We met around noon with the Questacon people to thank them and say good bye. Then we met with Karen to give her a Thank You gift for all she’s done for us. We got her a Kangaroo Pandora Charm for her bracelet and a mint Remembrance Day Coin. Gosh, there is no gift large enough to thank Karen with. She wore so many hats this trip. Mom, nurse, coordinator, supervisor, counselor, comedian, tour guide, friend, listener, evaluator and best leader ever! Her joy, smile, flexibility and patience was the perfect model we needed for this trip to run as smooth as it did. In addition Karen wasn’t originally assigned to come for all 5 weeks. There was another coordinator who planned to come for the first 2.5 weeks but he fell unexpectedly ill right before the trip, so Karen stepped up and came for the whole time, and did a wonderful job.

Wrapping up loose ends time. I went to pick up a Kingsford Smith jumper I ordered last week and crashed so hard when I got home. I laid out by the pool for a couple hours, soaking up some final rays and resting (finally!!) and when I got back to the villa I took a nap in my bed. 🙂 Can you tell I was tired? A group of us (the 6 people I’ve gotten closest to and I) gathered and headed to O’Connor shops for dinner. We found this gem of a place called ’39 Steps’. It was perfect for a final meal together! I got a delicious salmon atop a bed of homemade salsa and topped with beet root rocket. (Roasted beet and greens salad) SO GOOD!! It was just a tiny little place with the friendliest service. We were all like ‘why hadn’t we found this place sooner!?!’ It’s probably better that we didn’t 😉

Then back to the villas to pack. Luckily id packed mostly everything last weekend and just had the last minute things to tuck away. (Clothes from this week) in order to save weight I left a lot of things I brought with me. (shampoo, toothpaste, old underwear and older tshirts)
Out original plan was to stay up all night so we’d be tired on the plane but, we were too tired to let that happen. :/ So we devised a ‘4 hour sleep plan’. Sleep 10pm-2am. Then shower and be ready for the cabs at 4am. Perfect.

Sweet dreams final night in Aussie!


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