Hat Trick

April 16.2014

I thought getting out of bed yesterday was tough, only cause I didn’t meet today yet. I think our days post teaching are longer and more packed then our days in the schools.

Out first shift at Questacon was tasty science where we got to learn and talk about taste buds and such. It was pretty neat. One thing we got to try was called Miracle Fruit. You ask the kids to lick a lemon, then note what it tastes like. Then you give the kid a miracle fruit tablet to suck on. After about two minute you let them try the lemon again. Miracle. The tablet tricks your taste buds to think sour is sweet so the kids perceive the lemon as REALLY sweet lemonade/candy.


Our second shift was in the Q-lab. Which is a lab filled with inquiry things for kids and I stand inside an island and show kids mini experiments. Tired or not I had found my element. I love showing kids hands on science things. We did experiments with waters surface tension, abdominal cavities, air pressure and surface area.


Right from Questacon we hurried over to New Parliament for a tour there. We made it just in time, still dressed in our funeral attire (all black) the tour was neat and I learned a lot about Aussie government. We got to stand on top of the house and look out over Canberra. The blue skies made for a picture perfect view.


We had like 45 min before our next tour and wanted to pack in as much as possible so we jetted over to Old Parliament to check out the insides. Boom. 20 minute power tour, and we’d seen Old Parliament!


Then we rushed over to The National Gallery where my teachers husband works and he generously offered to give us a personalized tour! He had also arranged for the gallery educators to join us so that we could get the ‘how we show this to kids’ perspectives. The artwork was breathtaking and the descriptions/stories were really cool to hear. I can appreciate good artwork but having a trained eye point things out was even better.

By the end we were pretty beat. So much packed into one day. When we got home we made dinner fast then Sarah and I went for a walk. We took my phone and dance/walked to a new park then swing for a bit.

Flower outside Old Parliament

The night ended with celebratory games and laughing together (villas 1&2) Soaking up our final real night im together.

Tomorrow I’ll be an astronaut at Questacon. 🙂


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