Mission to the Mint

April 15.2014

It hit me as I wrote the date for today. April 15. As I remember back to when I was planning for this trip, April 18th, our departure date seemed like eons away… But now it’s practically here. Wow.

This morning it is was tough to get out of bed. :/ but up and at ’em and out for a run I went. The cockatoos this morning were ridiculous!! They all had their fans up, were squawking in no particular rhythm, and swooping down all around me. I seriously ran through the ‘what to do if a Cockatoo attacks you’ emergency action plan my head. My conclusion… I still don’t know haha

We’ve become such WiFi vultures, that every time there is free WiFi we go into no-talk mode. When we got to Questacon this morning it was no different. I had messaged Nick about an unfinished conversation and then he asked to FaceTime. Highlight of my morning. Seeing the faces of stags burrow. πŸ™‚ It was weird though, I miss them a ton, but I’m not home sick. When we got off the phone I was like ‘gosh I miss them’ but not like a ‘oh no now I’m sad’ kind of way. It could be because I’m three days from being in the same time zone, or it could mean I really like it here. Or a combo.


We were on the puppet show this morning which just consists of opening the doors for viewers and closing them when the show starts. Woo. πŸ˜‰ then we had free time so Paige and I caught some rays while working on blog/portfolio stuff.

And I got to FaceTime with my parents!! πŸ™‚ gosh I miss them. I think I lost an eardrum when Mama screamed “GINAAAA!!! :)” but I would have screamed too if we hadn’t been in a public place haha!! Thanks for the constant support and love!

After a quick lunch we were off to the War Memorial/Museum. Tomorrow they’re having a commemoration day so the guards and servicemen were out practicing their different changing of the guards and such. So cool. It’s all a pretty somber place but so much has gone into the remembrance of lost soldiers its so beautiful. Our tour guide Stuart was The Best. He had wonderful anecdotal stories for the different planes, uniforms and memorials. So cool to see history from another countries perspective.


Poppies are said to be left behind on the battle field when a man dies. This list covers the left and right side of the building which is yearly updated with the names of every Australian every to give their life for the country.

I mean history is history right? We all went through it, but with different approaches and wishful outcomes. My narrow minded American-ness was oozing as I began to fathom the idea of other countries fighting for something too. We could have spent hours there in each of the war rooms (Afghanistan, Korean, WWI, WWII….) but we headed out rather quick to try and make it to the Mint before closing.

We were cutting it close on time and Nick really wanted to get there before closing… Shoot we all did! Phew, we made it just in time. Except, we thought it closed at 4pm, and it didn’t actually close till 5pm. Score! More money time. It was neat to see where the money is made and how it’s packaged. I learned a lot about mis-stamps and collectables. I even got to make my own $1 coin πŸ™‚ … For $3 lol ( tourist I am ).

The stairs leading up to the mint gallery were speckled with 5 cent coins.
Kingsford Smith is a famous pilot and the school I taught in was named after him. Cool!

Before heading back to the villa we stopped at Red Hills scenic overlook. Boom, I cant get enough if these beautiful mountains. Seriously. The view from high up is wonderful. We walked around a bit and found probably 30 kangaroos just chilling. Welp, 30 minutes went by and we were still taking pictures and making Kanga commentary. Haha cheap thrills.



Dinner when we got back; trying to use up the whats left of our food. Now I’m chilling looking at the sunset over the mountains from my hammock. Life is good. πŸ™‚ I’m gojng to miss this hammock spot and our villas view. Soaking up as much as I can before friday.

Highlights of my day ( in chronological order )
– voice message from Nick and Dean
– FaceTime with Nick, Dean and Zac
-FaceTime with my parents and guest appearance by Sandy
– our tour guide, Stuart,Β at the war Memorial
– making it to the mint on time
– jamming in the car to music
– seeing the kangas (they’re still sweet to se)
– the view of the mountains. The view. The view. I can never get enough
– hammocking/ alone time

Tomorrow more Questacon, Parliament tour, and National Gallery. We’re soaking up Australian History like it’s our job this week!!


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