Put it in the Boot

April 14.2014

Questacon this morning!! I realize that not everyone loves our time at Questacon, but the nerd in me is loving this. Team Cray Cray was scheduled first at rockets. It was cool getting to talk with the kids about how they re making their design and why they thought that was best. The time went fast and then we were off to busking. We decided to do the Dr. Scar busk. Scar for this kid, bruise for that. I was pretty proud of a few and we got to talk to them about how bruising is just rotten blood. Gross.


I usually ask the kids what tragic event happened to them to earn their scar. This particular girl said she was chased by a Kangaroo. And therefore a Kanga scratch was in order.

Before we knew it we were done and off to black mountain. Paige’s friend Nick drove us and we had decided to get to the top for lunch first. It kinda felt like cheating driving up the mountain instead of walking it. But once inside it was so worth it. The tower on top of black mountain is called the Telstra tower. Its 800m talk and you can take a lift up to the second balcony. Oh. My. Goodness. You seriously don’t appreciate the sheer beauty of Canberra until you’re seeing it from this view. The landscape around lake Burly Griffin, the city scape to the east and the mountains gently hugging the city for as far as you can see. Beautiful. The sky was blue and the clouds light and fluffy. What a nice day.


After fueling up at the cafe, we drove back to the bottom to make the 5.4km hike to the top. I loved getting out in the sunshine and getting some exercise. It was cool that after nearly 5 weeks of looking at this mountain from our villa we were finally climbing it! It was steep, but manageable. 50 minutes later we made it to the top!!! ๐Ÿ™‚ then a steep hike back down. Nuts ๐Ÿ˜‰



Aussie Lingo…. Boot=car trunk

That night the Kingsford Smith crew went to Jodie’s house for dinner. Her house has a beautiful view which we got to watch the sunset from. As the sunset the city scape came alive. So relaxing. The food was incredible and the company was pleasant. A wonderful closure to our school experience. The friends and connections I made while at Kingsford are sure to last me a lifetime and I hope to never loose contact with them. The three Kindy teachers had gotten Kristin, Whitney and I the coolest little gift bags. They got us each a few ‘Aussie’ books and the neatest stickers that say ‘Miss Mouch says Good Job!’ And ‘Miss Mouch says how clever!’ They are soo cool!!!

Pavlova: Aussie dessert. It’s a mix between a meringue and angel food cake. This one had berries and passionfruit on top. SO YUMMY!

When it was time to leave for the night and say goodbye it was a lot harder than I thought. Four weeks ago I would never have imagined exactly how attached I would get to these people. I know I said that before, but its’s worth repeating.

The night finished up with some chatting around the table accompanied by plenty of laughs. Goodnight Aussie ๐Ÿ™‚



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