Story Of My Life

April 13. 2014

Beautiful morning. Let me repeat B. E-A. Utiful. Morning. The sun was shining the magpies sounded like dying children, the kookaburras were laughing, the air was crisp and the breeze gently coaxed me awake. Ah, I could get used to this.

Today Paige and Sarah were going to the coast ( lucky ducks) to see the ocean. We’d drawn numbers to see who would be able to go with Karen since there are limited spots in her car. I’m excited for them though. Both REALLY wanted to go. I was glad to work on my portfolio, enjoy tea on the porch, clean the villa and head out early to beat the Sunday mall rush.

It’s weird to think that this is probably my last time at the mall for groceries or anything really. I spent quite a whole just walking around looking and everything and anything and picking up the things I said I’d get later. Sadly ‘later’ is running short on time. I got a few cute things, a few souvenirs, some final fruit/veggies and got back on the bus home.

Once at home, to the pool I went 🙂 and then relaxed in the sun for over an hour. Got more work done, packed a lot of my things and then we had seminar.

Things are just winding down and that stinks. I thought for sure that I’d be ready to go when 5 weeks rolled around, but I don’t think I am :/. I’m going to miss so much of this Aussie life.

Paige’s friend Nick from Melbourne came into town today. He has relatives in Canberra, but is also visiting Paige while we’re here. He seems pretty cool, which is good because he’s going to be spending the next week or so touring with us. haha

We start Questacon tomorrow!!! YEAHHH!!!


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