April 10.2014

It was weird waking up this morning and not going to school. But I don’t know that its really hit me. It kinda feels like a weekend.

I was pumped to be working at Questacon (Australia’s National Science and Technology Centre), from what I’d heard it was about to be a Science Majors dream 🙂

Even on our way in, there were life sized xylophones with huge mallets and Paige had to pull me away just to make it in the door. Yea, I’m going to like this place.

David, one of the ‘science actors’, welcomed us in and gave us SUPER official name badges. With swipe ID’s that get us into VIP lounges. We got a cup of coffee/tea/donut and used our passes to get into the ‘lift’,  (elevator), and I thought I went through an Alice In Wonderland hole and popped out in a CEO’s board room. Seriously, this place was legit. The table was huge, the doors were made of windows, the window outside looked over one of the most beautiful views in Canberra, and everyone was dressed to the nines.

There we were informed about all things science, and all about what we’d be doing next week.

Busking: (v) to street perform with a specific educational or entertainment purpose.

We’d be busking science education. Yessss 🙂

Lunch was so yummy, Paige and I shared a Mediterranean veggie wrap and berry yogurt. Thank goodness we have very similar appetites!

After lunch is when the real fun began. There nerdy actors joined us to demonstrate each one of the busking stations. Dr. Scar, Seymour Guts, Insects, Music and Astronaut Suits.

Dr. Scar- with this busk we give kids costume make up scars and bruises while teaching them about the science behind the color, clotting and pain. We learned how to shade, explain and talk in ‘doctor’ accents.


Seymour Guts- A huge plush dummies with removable plush organs. ” here hold on to all 7 meters of my intestines please” And ” you’ve got to be Kidneying me! You dropped that organ!?” Jokes, songs, organs and learning all piled into one fake person. Classic 😉 with this one I was really impressed with how much I remembered from my science classes. Yea! Science nerd 👊 Now put all his organs back in the proper place before he dies!! Beep. Beep. Beeeeeeeep 😉

Insects- the museum owns several stick bugs and spiny leaf insects. This busk literally just requires you to hold them on your hand, face or elsewhere and show them to people. They’re native to Southern Australia, completely harmless and more than happy to sway on your hand pretending to blend in with the breeze.

Music- this one is usually done as a crazy hippie roadie one man show musician. The big driving home point on this one is to make sound you need an oscillator and a resonator. Boom- sound 🙂 there are all sorts of instruments in all the families to try, have others try and of course joke around with. 😉

Last but not least…

Astronaut Suits- its as simple as it sounds. You walk around in the seventh later of an astronaut suit and take pictures with kids. You can pose and scare them, or be a friendly waving astronaut. The choice is yours, but one things for sure… With the weight of the suit, you’re sure to get a workout in!

Of course we got to practice/play with all the busks after they showed us … And it was so AWESOME!!! Gah, I can’t wait. I seriously think if I don’t make it as a teacher I’ll become a Questacon Busker. 😀

It’s all about the show. Making science fun for kids with skits, accents and cool props. They wont even know they’re learning! Bingo.

After Questacon Paige and I went to the National Library to work on our portfolios and then headed home for Terri’s goodbye party. But not before a roommate ‘Frozen’ dance party!!!

We are surely going to miss Terri. Her humor, honesty, advice, and her company. She wrote an awesome poem for all of us and we nearly cried. The reality of this trip being almost over, and our student teaching being done is starting to hit me. Wow.



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