Tan and Strong

April 12. 2014

This morning in usual toaster fashion my roommates and I were up early and singing around the living room. Gosh I love living with a villa full of Toasters 🙂

I was in a funky mood though and tried to shake it with a run. Ugh, not working. I just felt weak and tired. Boo.

We’d planned to go to the Botanical Gardens at 11am and therefore had to catch the 9:53 bus. Simple enough right. One would think anyway, but when you get 11 strong willed people together nothing is that simple. I think were to the point in the trip where people are tired and easily annoyed. Scratch that- I know we’re to that point. All is well though. We go to the gardens and the beautiful sunshiney day met us there. Hello tan face and blonder hair. Yes you may make yourself at home 🙂

The rainforest portion was the coolest. There was even misters that gave it a “raining” feel!


Delicious lunch at the Floresta Café. I got Salt and Pepper squid with seasoned rocket (rocket=greens)

From there we left to find a bus stop and get to The Canberra Mall. Great plan except we couldn’t find a bus stop :/ lol so after walking for 30 min we found one! But Paige, myself and out adventurous-not-wanting-to-sit-down spirits went on to keep walking. Through a Uni, over a bridge, ask for directions, back track over the bridge, walk through the city, follow the water and whabam. The Mall 🙂 couple of good shops later and we headed home to get ready to go out.

Paige and I have formed a special-travelers-friendship of sorts and jn that spend a ton of time on busses and walking together. It’s really fantastic. Somewhere along the way we had talked about weaknesses and nervous habits. She bites her nails, I chew my lip. Neither are good, so determined to help each other we made a nervous trade embargo. For each time we catch her biting her nails we do ten push-ups and every time we catch me chewing my lip we do ten squats. … We were up to 60 push-ups today with 40 yesterday. Man, I didn’t realize but cashing these in were making me sore! (Strong later though) With this, walking/running we surely get our workout! We just need some sort of ab penalty….Lol

Now a whole back I saw an advertisement for the Sydney Ballet Company and was like ‘yes please’ but didn’t think anyone would like to join. But last night I asked my roommates and they said yes! 🙂 so we all got dressed up and headed out for dinner and the ballet. So sophisticated!

We settled for dinner at Jamie’s, an Italian resturant with outdoor seating. Cool. It was a wonderful time of friends, drinks, thanksgiving for roommates, and celebrating. It had started to get chilly (50 degrees) ok, I know… But in dresses… A little slack? Haha thank goodness 50 is like winter for Aussies and they had the heated lamps on us. Paradise 🙂

Trout caught that morning was on special! Cooked to perfection and literally fell right off the bones. Yum!!!

After quite a good time we walked the plaza and got gelato then headed to the theatre.

Oh. My. Gosh. What a good show!!! First, simply was a ballerinas body is capable of is crazy. Then put perfectly synced choreography in the mix and top it off with a thought provoking storyline. Just beautiful!! The whole show was three acts. After the first we were confused and hoping for more. The second was enough to make your eyes dry out in fear of blinking and missing a beat. And the third was colorful, humorous, and had a unique dialogue as the dancers moved about. I am SO glad we ended up going!! I mean how often do you get to go to the ballet, let alone see the Sydney Ballet Company in Australia!

(I don’t have a picture right now, cause they’re on someone else’s device, but I’ll upload soon)

We had a very nice taxi driver on the way home. He, like most can drivers make fun of/love out accents. We just giggle like school girls. Helping our case? Nope, not at all.

Within minutes we were in bed and fast asleep. What a good event filled day 🙂 and a perfect last Saturday.


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