Wonderful Wednesday

April 9.2014

Part of the Kindy curriculum is to learn/teach the days of the week. Each morning starts with what day of the week it is. Today is a Wonderful Wednesday, and therefore tomorrow will be a Thoughtful Thursday. 🙂

I am so, SO proud of my kiddos. We did a postcard writing lesson today and they wrote personalized postcards to my Michigan students on the backs of pictures they drew. They listened, asked great questions and then worked independently to address the cards.


On the right hand side they all wrote:




Exactly to whom and where it is going 🙂 They got to design their own stamp in the top right corner and then they came to me where I scribed their words for them on a sticky note.

Their words:

“Can you please come to visit Australia?”

“Can we be friends?”

“My favorite color is green, blue and orange.”

“Will you come to my birthday party?”

Precious 🙂

They worked so quietly and so well, I believe it was because they enjoyed the work they were doing and it was at their level. I can’t wait to take those postcards home and let my 3rd graders read them 🙂

Paige had a particularly rough day and we knew it was necessary to stop at the market for a muffin. It is a Wednesday after all. 😉 We sat talked, ate a muffin, bought some fruit, picked up fresh flowers then headed home.

Sort of a lazy night, which I decided we deserve. It was our first night in a few weeks that we didn’t need to be lesson planning for the next day. The week was planned for and tomorrow is our last day of student teaching. Weird.

We had a pretty intense massage train going and it was the perfect way to laugh, talk and whined down for the night.

Tomorrow is the last day of work in my college education. EEK!!


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