Final Countdown

April 8.2014

Today marks my final observation of my work as a preservice teacher. Every observation from here on out will be as a teacher. πŸ™‚


Highlights of today:
– At recess duty this morning three kids whom I don’t know came up to me and started making ninja motions and sounds. I asked what they were doing. They explained they had super powers and super moves that made their powers work. I asked if I was a superhero. They said well yea, but you have to so the moves. After a good 5 minutes of crushing the ‘pow’ ‘bam’ and ‘whoosh’ sounds they started naming every superhero they knew. “Superman, Spider-Man, captain America, Wknderwoman, Batman and Lil Wayne. :)” haha yea, of course πŸ˜‰


– Also at recess duty or of my ESL students came up to me mumbled something, probably not in English, and then ran away looking back to be sure I was watching. After getting rather far into the distance he bent down and picked a handful of dandelions. Holding them proudly far above his head he looked to me for approval and course I smiled back and have him a thumbs up. Later in the break he came to me with a fist full and said ‘es ellow flora’ then took a big whiff, smiled and said ‘booty-full’ πŸ™‚ It’s the little things.


– {this is not completely a highlight, but still an important part of my day} I had my final observation and it was at ‘the best time’ right after a rowdy round of Art History Release (with a different teacher) and just before an assembly planned and run by our class. They were so energized by the freedom in art and fueled by excitement for the assembly that their attention span shrunk to the size of an infant gnat. Seriously. Despite my best efforts, i had a very difficult time reigning them in and proceeding with the lesson. In fact i knew they were so gone that the lesson wasn’t going anywhere fast and cut it short all together. We went inside with no conclusion and packed our bags. Negative. I was way out of control. Positive. Karen understood the circumstances. And…. my last observation is done!!!!!! 2 days and I’m a teacher πŸ™‚

– The assembly went rather smoothly. The kids did as we practiced and it was a great opportunity to develop as a professional. Plan and Run school wide assembly. Check.

After school we went to a all staff raffle party and I won a handmade jewelry holder. It’s pretty neat. Then Paige and I caught a ride to the Uni to get started on all the work we’ve been chucking down the priority ladder. Like our portfolio. But in our defense when you have classes to teach the next morning and lesson plans to turn in, they take the front spot on our to-do list. We got some work done but have quickly realized we’re in for a project.

Hopefully a restful night before my last day of planned teaching!! ( thursday is a field day) πŸ™‚ cheers!


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