Elevator Schpeal

April 7.2014

‘Cuz ya had a bad day. Ya takin’ one down just to turn it around.

Welp, its bound to happen. I had a case of the Mondays and I think the world did too.

I woke up in a panic about things I forgot to do for lessons today. Crap. The walk to the bus included crabby people (who were also experiencing the Mondays) and an ever growing mental to-do list. I just felt off with the kids. It’s not that they annoyed me or they were particularly misbehaved its just that I wasn’t mentally there. :/ we had a meeting after school that went super long. I had a frustrating confrontation with a co worker. I was told that Paige left me and the shops would be closing soon while I still needed groceries. Paige was at the bus stop when I got out of Aldi and I couldn’t help but smile. Of course aha didn’t leave me. We’ve talked about that several times. We got back at 6:47 yet to eat dinner and had seminar at 7pm.

[seminar was actually really nice. I hadn’t anticipated that because of the way the day had gone. We practiced interviewing. Not just talked about it, but actually sat on panels and answered questions without prior knowledge of which questions would be asked. I’ll admit when they told us that, that is what we’d be doing I groaned in my head. Its weird to do this sort of thing in front of peers and we knew it would take a long time. As the ‘interviews’ got rolling I was happily surprised. Talking and being professional to peers was really helpful. My group was honest and have good feedback. Let’s be honest though, at this point in our education we want to get a job. And we wont get there by sugar coating things or not helping each other. We also go to ‘walk/graduate’ the Australia experience. We received our certificates and gifts while practicing shaking hands and walking across the room. 2 hours of good stuff. Thanks Terri and Karen!]

After seminar I picked out a date for my final evaluation/observation. FINAL OBSERVATION!! Woo! I’m going to graduate!!! Well, that date was tomorrow… Soo now I need to write the lesson plan in proper format for tomorrow too. Cool. Add it to the list.

List to-do tonight.
– lesson plan the week
– lesson plan my observation
– cut/paste/ make 25 michigan postcards
– work on rationales for E- portfolio

Yikes… One thing at a time Gina. I mean its only 9:30pm…

Speaking of lists, I didn’t do very well in the list of goals department last week.

Here’s to a better tomorrow and better week!!


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