What Time is it Mr. Fox?

April 6.2014

Our roommates continue to be toasters. We pop out of bed and are in full conversation within the first 60 seconds of opening our eyes. And oddly enough we’re all up within the same 3 minutes. It cracks me up. Today I opened my eyes and Sarah exclaimed “Morning talking toaster!!”. What a good way to start the day.

Also, sometime during the night was the end of Australia’s Day Lights Saving Time and since it’s Autumn, we gained an hour… I think… I haven’t been so confused of what time it is, probably in years! We were trying to catch the 9:52am bus, but woke up at 7:45am, or 6:45am… one of those… so we thought we’d get our butts in gear and catch the 8:52am bus. But we couldn’t figure out if our phones changed or if we sprung forward or fell back… gosh I don’t even feel like we gained or lost and hour!

Anyway we were all up and ready to go by the 8:52 bus and got there with only seconds to spare. Off to the Old Bus Depot Market!! The same one that we went to our first weekend. YES! I love the atmosphere there! The music, the food, the craftiness, the general joy and pride in homemade goods. I have been on a hunt for a cool ring at a thrift shop or handmade somewhere for probably about two years. Lady’s and Gents…the hunt is over!! 😀 I found it! The thing that usually held me back was the price or that it was mass produced. I wanted one with a cool story, or at least from a thrift shop where I could pretend it had a cool story 😉 In the first room I walked through there was an older lady setting up her jewelry display and immediately this ring caught my eye.


It’s much larger than I would have ever thought I’d like but I absolutely fell in love with it! There are two amethyst stones (the light purple February birth stone) and a unique leave design. The lady who was selling it saw it hand made by a 5th generation Indonesian silversmith. She had it specially made and therefore it is a one of a kind, what she called a ‘one-er’ and the only one exactly like it in Australia. When I was debating getting it I just stared at it for a while then the jeweler told me that she is only at this market every four weeks. Starting to be more convinced that this was meant to be, the lady browsing next to me asked my name and was like “Gina, dear, you either buy this ring and love it, or walk away and regret it.” Sold. 🙂 I’m a happy ring owner. Also, I just keep looking at it. Partially because it’s like a foreign object on my hand and partially because I’m so happy with the ‘me’ purchase.SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESSAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES

After we headed to the City Centre and shopped for a bit. Ryan and I waltzed by the bus stop before heading in to the mall. Not to toot our horns, but we’re getting pretty good. 🙂

The mall was HUGE, that’s the first time I’d been to that mall,  and honestly it was a bit overwhelming.

When we got home I could hardly believe it was only 1:30pm. We’ve done a lot today! and the day’s still young. I worked on my e-portfolio for a bit and then got bored around 3:27pm. By 3:30pm Paige and I decided that we were up for another adventure. We grabbed our stuff and headed to the bus stop hoping we’d catch the 3:43 bus. Well… the 3:43 bus doesn’t come till 4:16 sooo whoops. So per usual, Paige and I just waited and chatted at the bus stop. Just a few moments later we saw Karen drive out of our village and thought asking her for a ride was worth a chance.

She said she was in a rush and couldn’t take us but asked if we’d go on a tour with her instead. We looked at each other, smiled, shrugged and happily accepted. Haha our plans, we’re always down for anything. And we were thankful that Karen would ask us to join her.

The tour of Canberra was so neat! It would have been a great idea to do at the beginning of the trip but I still learned a lot. Especially the part about the world embassy’s was the coolest. There were different houses for several different countries embassy’s. The US’s, of course, was HUGE in comparison to every other country. The architecture of each building was a wonderful tour in itself. Each building was of traditional build from a specific era in history. The US was a colonial house modeled after houses in Williamsburg, Virginia. So beautiful. I love that look. The Asian embassy’s were straight out of Mulan, with their unique flair.

We also got to see every museum in the town (just the outsides) and hear some cool facts. This tour is what really made the Washington D.C. – ACT (Australia Capitol Territory) connection in my mind. There were war memorials all lining one road that displayed a beautiful view of the Old Parliament house with a reflection pool in the distance. It’s pretty neat. I’m excited to go to the museums not this week, but the one after.

Now we’re gearing up for our last week… OUR LAST WEEK OF STUDENT TEACHING!!!! 😀 Cheers



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