The Breath of a Hog

April 5.2014

This was the first saturday I’ve woke up at our Villa since we’ve gotten here, and it was grand. 🙂 It was fun getting up and reliving the craziness of last night, relaxing and not waking up to an alarm.

I went for a quick run, showered and then headed off to the mall with Sarah and Karen. We’d vowed to make today relaxing, and about us. Selfish? Maybe. But as teachers we give, give, give…. We need me time get ready for more give time. Yeah?

First, though we stopped by the doctors office, since Sarah was starting to feel sick. No worries though, the doctor diagnosed her with a sore throat and an ear infection. Easily treatable and with mess shes on the road to recovery.

It was so nice to just walk around without an agenda, or the need to catch a certain bus. We stopped in some clothes stores, ate lunch and even treated ourselves to a pedicure. ( salmon pinky-orange was my color of choice) let me tell you though, the massage chairs may have been the best part!

So you can’t see the color… at all…but yup, that’s our toes

When we got home it was nap-time. Two in two days… Score 🙂 Again I think the rain wasn’t helping our sluggish moods, but our bodies weren’t mad about the rest.

Though the rest was perfect, we were interrupted by the boys … The hungry boys and their stomachs. 😉 So off to dinner we went in the City Centre. We went to this cool place called Hogs Breath Cafe and I got calamari, and avocado chicken. Mm mmm mmmm. So tasty, but the portions were HUGE! We were thinking about going out after so unfortunately I couldn’t take it home and I felt so wasteful :/

I wouldn’t normally consider myself a overly adventurous person, but I’ve really enjoyed not knowing where we’re going next and trying new thing. I’ve grown accustomed to trusting peoples sense of direction, being flexible when their sense is wrong and taking the lead when necessary.

After getting home we played quite a few rowdy rounds of uno and jammed to some country music. Great end to a peaceful day. 🙂


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