Pinky’s Up

April 4.2014

The best thing about Friday is tea time. 🙂 The worst thing about this morning was the walk to the bus stop. Paige and I missed the call-a-taxi memo and walked to the bus stop in a downpour. Soaked to the bone and shivering. What is up with this rain!?! Anyway, we’re troopers. At 10:45am all the teachers in the schools send their kids outside for break and then go to the main staff room for tea, coffee, mini sandwiches, cakes and a raffle. Typically the raffle prizes are chocolate or wine. ( haha when in Aussie) it’s just so nice to talk with teachers, relax for a bit and try Aussie food. Us 6 student teachers always end up in one corner together and occasionally venture out to try something new or talk to other teachers.

My favorite part of my teaching day was investigations. My student have options of what to investigate and then we write a reflection about what they did during writers workshop. Today I gave them 4 options; working in the café, drawing, playing at the tinker table and exploring motion through creative movement. Aka, dance party. I put Just Dance videos on the SMARTboard and let them go. They were soo cute trying to mimicked the dances on the screen. As little kindy’s with still developing fine/gross motor skills they looked a little like uncoordinated baby giraffes. Very cute uncoordinated giraffes. 🙂 I loved watching them play and make their own rules and pretending they got high scores. The. Best.


Friday morning computer lab math practice


I stayed after school to prep for next week. My final week of student teaching!!! Eek!!! Then Paige and I caught a ride home, thank goodness!!

I cant say for sure if it was the rain, the end of the week or the workload… But we got home and went straight to bed. Haha and our other two roommates joined us after about 20 minutes. Haha roommate group naptime.
2 hours later we got up and got ready to go to a rugby game! 🙂




It was so fun. One of the teachers at the high school got us all free tickets ( wow were spoiled) and we were told Australian beer and meat pies were the ‘must try’s’ at a rugby game. Of course we obliged, though I was unimpressed with both. 😉 but the Rugby game. Phew. I didn’t understand a wink of it. Haha it was fun and the boys were far from eye sores.
Near the end of the game, the high school principal showed came and found us. It was cool to talk to him and shortly after that he invited us to the ACT government after party in the upstairs of the stadium. Um, VIP much? Haha we went from sports game to networking in approximately 10 seconds. The lounge was huge, fancy and i instantly felt underdressed. Such a good time though. I’ve never done the ‘golf course’ official talk thing but Id assume this is fairly similar. We had a great time and I met the guy who approved our work visas, a couple who work for the governments PR department and server all principals.

About 10:30 things began to dwindle and we had what we thought to be a 10 minute walk home. Psh, 10 min…. 2 hours later we were still walking steep hills in the woods in the direction we hoped led home. I was enjoying myself 🙂 The dark woods, and calm breeze was great. But, when it’s late, people have enjoyed themselves, and people are tired…. Their true colors come out. Between all of us, a sprained ankle, bruised hand, asthma attack, loads of complaining and 2 hours later we were home 🙂

Goodness, what a night!!


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