Pinch to Grow and Inch

April 3.2014

Today was observation day and I can’t put a finger on why, but I was sooo nervous. Paige and I talked on the bus ride to school and were like man why are we so nervous!? But anyway the prep part of the morning went by fast… and there were some technical difficulties, which only heightened my nerves. But when the bell rang everything was fine and the kids made me forget about everything other than them.

When we began roll, Terri, our university supervisor, was nowhere to be seen. I just went with it and she got there half way through roll. The morning went fairly normal with a few small meltdowns…but in Kindy that is the normal. And my lesson went well! I felt confident but, routine confident, not like I’d blown it out of the water. When Terri left is when the real chaos ensued. Within 10 minutes of Terri leaving we had kids in tears, kids yelling and kids hiding under the table. haha Oh the timing. I would have handled it just the same whether Terri was there or not but I had to be a little thankful that I wasn’t under the microscope for it.

When I was handing out journals for writing I looked up to find this utopia moment.
Part of a counting lesson, incorporating shapes and colors.



The rest of the day went pretty normal with quite a few isolated funny events. haha

1.) At recess when I was on duty one of my students Phoebe was running around pretending to be a dog. (lol Kindy) and I pretended to turn around real fast and chase her while keeping my eyes on the rest of the playground. Then a few minutes later I had a kid sneak up behind me and pinch me on my left butt cheek, squeal and run away! haha It startled me so bad I think I jumped to the top of the structure and probably sounded very similar to this small child squealing. They came running back and told me that they were a chicken, and that’s how chickens peck their food. Oooo, now it makes sense ūüėČ

2.) Then, also at recess one of my students came up to me and pulled out a pencil from my ‘tricked out fanny pack’, looked me square in the eye and said, “You’re under arrest of stealing this pencil!… Unless, of course you have a good reason to use it.” (again, Kindy logic) I played along and told her that I was a teacher and I have to write in pencil unless I make a mistake in lesson planning. She cocked her head to the side, then accepted my response but told me I was still going to jail. She proceeded to find another student, put their hands behind their back and then ask for me to take a picture of her playing cop. #kindysdreambig #futurepo-po

3.) This past week we’ve been learning the letter “Z” which is called ‘zed’ here instead of ‘zee’.¬† We’ve practiced at length making the /z/ sound and I pretended to conduct them like a symphony conductor and they have to stop when I signal the cut off. (It’s quite cute actually)¬†Anyway, later that day one of my students hit another student¬† and I was having a conference with him about how that’s not ok and how he needs to apologize. When I asked him why he hit the other student he looked at me with sad eyes, held his hands out to the side and¬†said, “Zzzzzz…Zed” and signaled his own cut off. He just stood their and smiled.¬†I couldn’t help but laugh before refocusing on the problem.

4.) I have one student who can barely speak English because he is from Syria.. (or another “s” country…whoops) His English is broken and with a heavy almost Russian accent and when he gets really excited or nervous he just babbles in another language. He is SO, so cute I could just listen to him for hours. Lately he calls me over, and says “Gina, I make it boo-T-full.” As to tell me he is going to color a beautiful picture. I have to do everything in my power not to bust out laughing. Well today was his birthday and his mom brought in cupcakes for the class. When we were going to celebrate and share his treat, I called him up to the front of the room so we could sing. He looked at me and said, in his thick accent, “Today birthday boy” and pointed to himself and smiled his crooked grin. Then I said “Yes it is!! Let’s all sing and wish him a happy birthday” he looked and me and said, “Yes, sing.” haha Gosh this boy kills me. After singing I asked him to tap people to come get a cupcake but he got to choose one first. He grabbed one and said, “Ets poond cak” …Translation- It’s pound cake. Then he started to walk away, I called him back to go tap other students shoulders so they could also have a snack and he looked at me, looked at his cupcake and then back at me. Once more looking at his cupcake he stuck his nose right up to it and took and audible breath inward soaking up the sweet scent. Jodie and I about lost it. He just smiled and tapped the first person on their shoulder. Oh, boy, it kept me laughing all day.

5.) At lunch time today I witnessed an entire, totally serious, three way conversation on banana phones. Enough said.


6.) I taught a lesson today on Michigan. I showed the “Good Time” music video on YouTube and asked the kids to draw their favorite part on a half sheet of paper that will soon become a post card back to the states.¬†the video shows the Artic¬†Circle part of the Detroit Zoo and the kids thought it was the coolest.¬†One of my students brought this picture to me and proudly proclaimed, “Look Gina, it’s a pretty polar bear!”image

After school Paige and I went to get our muffin at the market and it was as good as we anticipated. We talked about life, did some fresh fruit shopping then headed back home. It’s gross muggy and rainy today… which is probably good so I’m not tempted to be in the sun when I have work to do. Later tonight I’ll have my conference with Terri about my observation, and honestly I’m not looking forward to it. I’m keeping an open mind to criticism and a growing teacher mindset.

It also hit me today that I have 4 full days of teaching before graduation. Four. Full. Days. HELLO! Five years of education boils down to these four days and one final observation. I seriously can’t believe it, when it hit me today I got goose bumps and so excited to be graduated and moving on to having my own classroom. Gosh the thought makes me giddy. Ya, think I’m in the right profession?!



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