Fanny Pack

April 2.2014

Sometimes it still shocks me that were in Australia, but then I hear a few accents and remember ;). Teaching has pretty much become a routine as far as going there everyday and knowing my way around the school. Each day is always a different adventure, of course, but that’s part of the fun.

I wouldn’t say I dread the bus, but whenever we’re on it in the morning I wish our stop would never come, or the bus would just drive circles around where we need to be. Its’s not necessarily soothing, and not really enjoyable when I think about it… But it is a time to reflect, mentally and zone out. There are very few times or opportunities for that. Between school, living with our colleagues, and traveling we have limited personal, down and rest time. So I guess that’s why I like the bus, cause it’s such a rare occasion to sit without an agenda or without guilt of being able to do something else.

Today I mostly had the class to myself, in whole. Jodie, spent a lot of time organizing different areas of our Kindy wing. It was a healthy amount of pressure to be the only one there. Of course she popped in to check on us, but when the kids ask her a question she told them she was wearing her ‘invisibility cloak’ and they had to come ask me. I appreciate that a lot. It isn’t a true taste if teaching if you don’t have to singlehandedly balance 10 million things at once.


I’ve found that the kids most of the time just need someone to listen. I’ve also found that when they act out, that taking the time to talk with them and correct the butt of the behavior has helped loads in solving future problems. I don’t, unfortunately, have a perfect formula for classroom management but I do think I have a relatively good handle on that aspect of teaching. I was so proud of the way my kiddos paid attention today and focused on one activity. My host teacher even came in and commented on my ability to focus them and guide them in a specific direction for any given time.


I was also proud of my kids handwriting today. They wrote for the entirety of the planned time and some of them haves made bounds in the writing even in just these three weeks!


Another proud moment was the ‘passing of thrones’ … Ok not quite as cool as it sounds… But hear me out. Something really nifty that all the Primary school teachers have is this fanny pack crossed with a utility belt spiffed up with colorful fabric and a comfortable strap to wear on their hip. They have three pockets, that hold pens, sticky notes, phones and hall passes. They’re brilliant! Colored pens and sticky’s literally attached to your hip. Half a teachers problems are solved in this fanny. Today, Jodie asked if I’d wear one… Uh, of course!!! I today joined the Kingsford Smith Primary teachers level via this rite of passage! Haha extreme? Maybe. Exciting? Definitely.


Something I miss teaching is science. :/ I love the utter chaos of an inquisitive classroom and the excited buzz of investigating hypothesis’.

Paige and I attempted the market today in hopes of having our Mid Week Muffin 🙂 a poor choice on our part put us behind on the bus schedule and we postponed the muffin till tomorrow in hopes of soaking up some rays tonight while the sun is still up. It hasn’t been this nice (75, sunny) in about a week, and we didn’t want to miss that 😉 ( tanning is our first priority ;)… And we also agreed that we have a lot of school work to do.)

Tonight was filled with just that, a lot of school work. Tomorrow is my first observation with my University Professor. I can’t put a finger on why, but I am more than usually nervous for this. I keep going over my plans again and again, everything seems to be in place. I better get some rest, to be ready for tomorrow!

Observation update soon! 🙂


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