When I grow up I wanna be a teacher.

March 31.2014

Woah, last day of March. I can’t believe how fast time is going!

I got up early for a walk and exercise. My here ya go Gina, the promised me time. It was nice but when I finished my crunches I curled up on the floor waiting for the shower to be free and I probably could have fell asleep right there on the floor.

I wouldn’t say I’m dreading today, but there are certain parts of this school, certain parts of my day and certain parts of the work load I wish weren’t part of this experience. But I guess it’s just that; part of the experience.


Today was my first full day of teaching. 9am-3pm. No abnormal breaks, no interjections. It was my time to shine. And you know what? I didn’t do perfect by any means… But I think today went pretty well. Each passing day reminds me of my goal to influence kids lives through productive learning.
Goals: I’m learning that they’re pretty important. When I set them I make and see the most growth.

My goals this week.
– stay ahead in planning at least 3 days
– finish 70% of my e-portfolio
– get organized in planning for next week
– be in bed by 10pm each week night
-read something for fun

Can you tell I’m a teacher? Measure able and attainable goals. 😉

This afternoon Myself and the other pre-service teachers were asked to speak to and answer questions to the preschool-year 2 teachers about Americas teachings and progress on the Daily 5. It was super interesting to hear what the teachers were doing and how they used daily 5 in their classrooms. I love teacher collaboration. Everyone has a unique way of doing virtually the same things. And teachers are just cool people 🙂

Tonight we have seminar at the Uni. I’m working on things furiously hoping to get them done before too late, and achieve the 10pm goal.

I’m also missing home pretty bad just about now. It’s not that I’m not happy here, just when things aren’t Blue-Mountain-spectacular, or far from it, I crave the comfort of my best friends, and my families warm encouraging words. Thinking about you all often.


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