Kanga Burger

March 30.2014

Happy Sunday. Happy sleep in day. Happy I’m still excited about yesterday-day. Happy market day. Happy group Barbie day. Happy lesson planning so hard day. Happy its not raining day.

Welp, that pretty much sums up my excitement, enjoyment and reality of today.

I slept in till 7:50am. Woo!! What an accomplishment ๐Ÿ˜‰ but after weeks of waking up at 5:50ish, 7:50 was wonderful. I had breakfast and coffee on the porch, worked on lesson plans, went for a walk with Ryan and talked to our University Coordinators all before my roommates got up. Score.

I had an awesome talk with Karen and Terri! They were the perfect dose of reality, motherly, teacherly and excitement. I really appreciate having them here an them making themselves available to chat when we need it. Advice to students considering this trip next year: make friends with the University professors that come on the trip. They’re some of your best resources, voice of reason and genuinely care about you as a person and professional. Pick their brains and keep them in the loop.

Sarah, Ryan and I set off the the market and after two bus stops and an Mackers ice cream we realized we were headed the wrong direction and probably wouldn’t make it to the market. Bummer!! I was really looking forward to a loaf of fresh date bread. Mmm. Oh, well, next week.


This is the confusing bus time table. We’re getting used to it…obviously we still need some work ๐Ÿ™‚


We instead went to the mall and grocery shopped. Aldi is the place to go. You cant beat the prices and the lines are never that bad either. The mall was the busiest I’ve ever seen it though. Note to self, don’t go on Sunday.

At this point I was having what I call a minor introvert attack. I just wanted .. No needed some alone time. I’d been around people non-stop for litterally weeks. Which is mostly great! It just leaves not so much time for personal reflection, breathing room and just space. Knowing that I was probably hours from that alone time, I bargained with myself that if I could calm myself now for the next few hours I could treat myself later with some quiet time. Thankfully that worked before I let the introvert become annoyed and nitpicky with everyone around me. I think that’s the hard part… When I feel that happening I get annoyed with myself because I know it’s usually something in my mind not something the other person is doing wrong.

This was about as exciting as our stay at the bus station was ๐Ÿ˜‰


By the time we got on the bus it was raining again, I was feeling the time crunch for lesson planning and anxious about the Barbie/seminar we were having that night.

The rain thankfully let up when we had to walk from the stop to our villa, I didn’t get to lesson planning until after seminar, but the Barbie was pleasant. Ryan and I grilled up kangaroo burgers, lamb, prawns, chicken and a native white fish. The lamb was my favorite followed by the kanga.

It was nice to sit with everyone and catch up but inside I was restless to plan and prepare for the week.

6 of us planned together at villa 1 and I peaces out as soon as I could. To bed to bed I said.

Goodnight sunday. See ya soon Monday!


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