Holy Mackerel

March 38.2014

Rainy day number 5. We were spoiled our first week here. 85 and sunny. Pure gloriousness. Now with 5 days people are starting to get stir crazy.

The kids are really starting to grow attached to me now. The little kindy kids are clingers, cuddles and complainers. 😉 Now that I’m two weeks in, my newness has warn off and their true colors are showing through! Speaking of, today marks the half way point in our teaching. Wow. Time just flies.

I also got to observe and participate in a 3rd/4th class. It was awesome. I know kindy is teaching me valuable lessons but today affirmed that I thrive in the upper elementary classes. Again, I love my little Kindy Kids!! My unique joy for higher grades does not compromise the effort I’ll put into my current placement, nor does it completely detour me from accepting a lower El. challenge. 🙂

I’m writing this from the bus as I try to get to the Murray’s bus station. I’m mildly concerned that I won’t make it in time for our 5pm bus to Sydney. Yikes. Also, if I’m really honest The man in front of me does not smell very pleasant at all. So here’s to hoping its a short trip. Also, I’m surprisingly calm right now. I could miss this bus and be out probs $100…. I just asked the lady behind me if I was thinking of the right stop. She began to explain but then said ” actually I pass it to go home, I’ll just show you!” Yay for goodness in humanity! And proud of myself for asking. Another Gina has grown moment. I would be too embarassed to ask for directions in previous years of my life, but so long  younger Gina! I’ve learned that if you’re going to travel, you’ve got to take chances and make mistakes but also be willing to ask for help. Thats a comfort zone bubble thats been popped.
Well I survived, the stranger escort! But when I got there Paige, Cansis and Sarah were no where to be found. All I could think was awful I’d feel of she was left behind at school and if she wasn’t there when the bus left. A few minutes after Sarah and Cansis showed up with Mackers in hand ( McDonalds ). Without even saying Hi i launched into a flurry of ‘where’s Paige!?’. Short version she got dropped off blocks away and had to run through the rain to get to the bus with 2 minutes to spare. Sign number 1.
The drive was fine and Sarah and I just caught up. Upon arriving the warm air stuck to us like a wonderful warm blanket. Boom. We started a list of all the signs that this weekend will be awesome.
1.) Paige made the bus in time
2.) It’s warm in Sydney
3.) It wasn’t raining when we got here
4.) We walked only 4 minutes from bus to hostel
5.) That means we’ll walk 4 minutes to the bus tomorrow
6.) There is an outdoor Thai restaurant next door to our hostel (which we went to after checking in. Paige and I split a Mackerel Dip and it was delicious!! Holy Mackerel!)
7.) … We made it to number 9…. But i forgot lol.
So much good! I’m excited for quality roommate bonding and a stress free 36 hours of outdoor beauty.

At dinner we also made trip rules.
1. We must refrain from school talk
2. No negativity toward people or environmental causes
3. Take pictures of everything and eachother often
4. Try new things


Were about to fall asleep so hard and I’m definitely ok with that. BLUE MOUNTAINS TOMORROW!!!




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