Muffin Tops

March 26.2014

Wow, today. So many things today. I’m still riding on the ‘I finally feel adjusted and comfortable’ feeling which is really awesome. Shoot, even a yet ago I stunk at change. And look at me now 10 days into a new lifestyle in a new country and Have yet to have a freak out and am embracing the new! 🙂

With that I’m also realizing, that 7 weeks away from being a professional and in the words of Ms Frizzle, “It’s time to take chances, make mistakes and get messy!” Aggressive, productive, reflective mistakes if course. But if I want to be taken seriously as a professional I need to act as one. It’s easy to get caught up in teaching in someone else’s classroom and conforming to their style. However I’m discovering that theres a healthy amount of taking charge and going your own way that has to happen in order to grow and learn. Of course this means you’ll crash and burn sometime, but there’s something to learn from that.

Sticking to that I decided to do my ‘About Gina’ slides and show my kids pictures of Michigan, my hobbies and family. Risk in not asking permission and stepping out of the shadow of my teacher and into my own teaching light-successful. It went over eons better than I could have imagined!! My teacher noticed how much the kids were enjoying it and asked that i create a social studies unit on Michigan and the Great Lakes to teach in my next two weeks!! We’re also going to try to make some sort of connection with my GR students, which is super pumped about and hopeful it works out.

Later that afternoon I was offered quite a few compliments about my teaching this far and I was shocked at how much they’d picked up on in just a few short days. In my mind this trip was always just and experience and a way to better myself as an educator. Today was the first time I thought teaching abroad might be a real option. Time is sure to tell!


Paige and I, being travel buddies and all, went to the Belconnen Markets today. SO COOL! I love the odd meats they sell, the fresh fruit, the bargaining prices and the unique products. I got some fresh eggs, fruit and balsamic vinaigrette. The last place we went was this quaint little Organic Market and a beautiful, I mean BEAUTIFUL, healthy blueberry muffin caught Paige’s eye and with the promise to share I convinced her to get it. Best. Choice. We. Made. All Day. Seriously, it was so good!!! We joked about how that this is the only time a Muffin Top would be the highlight of our day and while that may sound pathetic, we’re definitely learning to enjoy the little things and savor (literally) the special moments. We’ve resolved to make it a Wednesday Muffin Date and sit on the patio over our delectable muffin. Sounds like a perfect mid-week-pick-me-up to me!



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