abOriginal Sort of Day

March 25. 2014

Another day in Aussie. Today was mostly an ordinary day. But hey, you have to have ordinary ones to appreciate the extraordinary ones.

One exciting thing was the assembly that we had today for the primary grades. I got the honor of writing merit awards for my class and shaking the Preschool, Kindy and Year 1’s hands as they were called forward to be acknowledged. Karol, our executive teacher introduced me to the primary school and parents. It was neat/interesting to hear everyone oooh and ahhh when they heard I was from America. (so interesting) Such a privilege!


After school Paige and I went to the National Library to plan this weekend and totally kicked butt in finding deals! Paige and I seriously make a rockstar travel team. Whenever we have to navigate the bus system together we’re typically on the same page and move quickly and effortlessly from bus to bus. I’ve loved getting to know her too and we pretty much do something together everyday after school. Tomorrow we plan to go to the Belconnen outside markets for fresh fruit deals. Score!!


After the Library we went to an Aboriginal ceremony that my host teacher had told me about. Little did we know it was the 50th anniversary if the Aboriginal Research and Preservation Association ( or something to that extent ). They were going to perform a ceremony that had never been performed in public before. We stayed through the first dance and it was SO neat!! They were dressed in traditional garb, painted with mob markings, playing diggerdo’s ( their hand made wooden instruments that they play with circular breathing ) and dancing to the rhythms. We weren’t really sure what was going on the whole time, but felt very cultured upon leaving.

As we sat at the bus stop debriefing the whole thing, I saw someone looking at us from across the street. It was my host teacher! We couldn’t believe our luck! So instead of taking probably 1.5 hours of busses, she offered us a ride home in which she have us a mini tour of the ACT ( Australian Capitol Territory, equivalent to the US Washington DC ) and we got to meet get skateboarding
, photographer husband. Yet another example of Paige and my traveling skills/luck.

We spent another night on the porch blogging/ hashing out the day and just chatting. Unfortunately it rained all day, but the porch was a very peaceful refuge.



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