3:30 Thursday

March 27. 2014

Rainy day 4 in a row. One past a hat trick.

My three roommates and I woke up this morning to our usual alarm but none of us moved. We laid in our bunks and listened to the rain pitter patter outside for quite sometime. It was so relaxing, I wished rain days or sympathy for bus rider days just so we could lay in bed and read all day.

Worse yet, the past four days have been heavy, gross, gloomy, cold rain.  (50 degrees F, I know Michiganders….I’ve lost my winter skin) At this point I’m considering finding two kangaroos, two cockatoos, two wallaby’s and two koalas while I have my friends build the arc! 😉 But seriously it’s been miserably rainy for 3 too many days. One is refreshing, two is annoying, three you wonder if the sun exists and by day four you’re concerned that you’ve slipped into rain depression. Then as a teacher it takes all that to a new level. Day one the kids smell funny from jumping in puddles on the way to school, day two they’re grumpy cause they didn’t run around outside last night, day three you’re grumpy cause there’s indoor recess again,  and by day four you’ve resorted to Disney movies, Magic School Bus and unhealthy amounts of coffee. Welcome to day four. I’d like to say hopefully tomorrow the sun finds Australia again…but the weather report isn’t looking to be in our favor. So hopefully by the weekend!



I think the weather put me in a bit of a funk when my shoes became wade pools on the walk to the bus stop. Then I had the daunting feeling that I’d have pruned toes by first break was just as gooey as my shoes. Step one (see what I did there 😉 ) to a gross rainy day. I sat alone by a window on the ride and it was good for me to just stare out the window to collect my thoughts for the day.

The day went well with the lil’ nuggets and I still love teaching. Because of the fore mentioned rain-ology they were a bit more of a handful today, but I didn’t mind the challenge.
I got to observe the Autism Unit for an hour in the morning and loved it. After working on handwriting together 10 year old Ricky showed me his elaborate Dragon drawing gallery. This kid knows dragons like Dingos know the outback. 🙂

I had a rather frustrating day as far as planning goes and preparing for the rest of the week. I’m sure a bit more time looking over things will cure that though. The teachers at Kingsford Smith have a motto – 3:30 Thursday. Meaning, no one stays past 3:30pm on Thursday. It’s considered a day to rest and not stay late working on things in the classroom. I’m especially thankful for that today. 🙂

After school Paige and I once again traveled together to the mall with a random list of To-Do’s; toothpaste, band aids, stamps, fruit and an Australia pin. Check, check, check, check and check. At killer prices too! Fruit markets are on my top 13 things I love about being here. Hands down.

While still raining I swam in the frigged outdoor pool tonight to let out some negative energy and wouldn’t you know it, that was just what I needed. Then Sarah and Ryan did some damage control, made me laugh and helped me feel a whole lot better. Love them.

Tomorrow Paige, Sarah, Cansis and I will travel back to Sydney and over to the Blue Mountains for hiking, outdooring and a whole lot of adventure. I’m SO excited!! Praying for good weather and relaxing sight seeing.

G’day mates!


2 thoughts on “3:30 Thursday”

    1. Thanks Daddy!! I surely miss you guys. There are simply too many adventures in one day to write in a blog. I’ll be excited to share them with you when I get home! Love you!

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