Turkey, Burgers, Zoo

March 23rd 2014
Sydney Sunday – We woke up early-ish but fueled with energy for the day. We’re going to the zoo, zoo, zoo! How about you, you, you. You can come too, too, too. We’re going to the zoo, zoo, zoo. 🙂 Pumped, gunna see myself some Koala bear toes!
Highlights: Seeing a koala, the weather, the scenery, the people (Sarah, Ryan, Matt, Cansis and I)


imageimage image image image image
Story: At lunch we stopped at a fish restaurant in the park. Sarah didn’t know it was all fish, so she ordered a burger… to her dismay that meant a fish burger. She tried it (proud ‘Mama’ moment) and still didn’t like it. Score for Matt, two fish pieces. Well as she turned away to talk to the rest of the group something caused her fries to tip over. In an attempt to stop them we both looked to stick our hand out but immediately thought better when we realized that something was a seriously gigantic turkey. Yes, thanksgiving, gobble, gobble full fledge 3 feet tall, terrifying turkey. The stupid bird grabbed the whole dish flung it into the air splattered ketchup all over herself and greedily continued to eat every one of the fries right in front of us. Too shocked to move and too scared to try and stop him we helplessly watched this whole scenario in slow motion. By the looks of Sarah’s face I wasn’t sure if she was going to cry or pee her pants. My face probably portrayed a similar reaction and I wouldn’t be surprised if we actually did cry. In hindsight we can’t stop laughing. A turkey stole her entire lunch… A TURKEY! Lol we proceeded with endless jokes of a good ol American thanksgiving dinner. God Bless the USA.


By the end we were tire nuggets to the max and so ready to sleep. A ferry ride back to the harbor, a couple of shop stops, dinner and a train ride later we were boarding the bus back to Canberra. Thank you Sydney. Potentially the coolest place I’ve ever seen. I could probably fill a whole other blog of everything we saw, smelled, tasted and felt while there. But I’ll save some stories for when I get home.



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