First Friday

March 21.2014
Happy Harmony Day everyone!! In Australia, March 21st is National Harmony Day 🙂 I’m extending the holiday to the states. Peace and Harmony to you all!!
TGIF. This morning, Paige said “Phew…It’s Friday”, those words…Made. My. Day. Seriously. I don’t know how I didn’t realize it before, must’ve just been so focused on school. But I was absurdly so happy to be done with school this first week. I was tired, I felt out of place, I was out of control (no, I don’t think I’m a control freak. Just not being able to control anything for 8 days could start to wear on anyone) Regardless, I was ready for a break.


Since today was Harmony Day, we had a lot to celebrate! Teachers wore orange and students wore smiles. Previously to today, we’d talked about Harmony in the classroom, as it is one of the pillars at Kingsford Smith School and the kiddos knew it was about sharing and being inclusive. So, we didn’t do much with the definition but all three Kindy classes made posters with their handprints over lapping. It was adorable! Their handprints so tiny, and all mashed together was a sort of utopia of unity. I was on paint duty. This cracked me up because in the states, my host teacher’s husband always joked that all we do in elementary school is finger paint. His perceived stereotype was coming true in my life!

After school we got home quick, (YAY for bus navigation/speedy walking) then laid out at the pool with pretty much our whole clan. What a joy it was to hash out the first week in the warmth of the sun (grease of sunblock) and freedom of the weekend. Later that night Matt, Ryan, Sarah and I went for our nightly hike and let our true colors fly. Not that we weren’t ourselves the whole trip, but it takes a certain level of comfort to allow your walls to come down. I’m thankful for finding a few friends I can be myself around, count on to be there for me and have a great time with.
We made it an early night in anticipation of our Sydney weekend!!!! SOO excited!


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