Calm and Rocky

March 19.2014

Wednesday…we meet again. I got to go back to school today! Way less “Hacking Up a Lung” sounding hopefully.

My previous presumptions about my host teacher were calmed by a good ‘expectations’ chat we had. She was able to more clearly communicate what she expected of me and how she would help. She opened up about where she was in her career and even how she’s been doing so far this year. I am thankful to be working with such a reflective teacher. I also came to the conclusion that I don’t have to agree with everything she does as a teacher. When I have my own classroom I will pull from my experiences to create a classroom I believe is best. Sure some people will not agree with me, but if my goal is for the students to have a productive, healthy learning experience, then I can’t be that far from a good class. We can learn from every experience, even if the lesson we learn is that we don’t want to do something that way.

The one thing I’d like to implement in the classroom as I begin to take over more teaching responsibilities is a more tender approach to addressing the students. In my observations and short interactions they seem to respond to the tender caring manner I’ve conducted myself in. They are Kindergarteners after all.


The bus ride home took over and hour and we think we did everything right. Although we almost missed our stop. I just kept my patient pants on….but an hour is a lot of idle time that I wish I could be productive with. When we did make it home I checked my email on the desktop computer at the motor lodges office. I had hoped all day that there would be an email from my GR placement class. Much to my delight there was one waiting for me in my inbox!! My teacher wrote down their individual comments and it as almost like hearing them talk. Reading the email turned out to be way more of an emotional experience than I thought. Choking back tears and feelings of homesickness, I left the office thankful for getting to ‘hear from home’.

Unfortunately, the medicine that I am now on for the pneumonia has made me awful queasy feeling. I felt nauseous all day and the only thing that seems to help is copious amounts of water and fresh air. Hoping that I’d feel better I went for a walk when I got home, mostly hoping I’d get a tan out of the deal too. (no worries, I loaded up the SPF 😉 )

As I walked I found a few of my friends out at the Barbie (Grill) IT WAS SO COOL!!! We made dinner on the Barbie! Livin’ the Aussie dream 😉 Chicken. Mmmm. It was good. I loved getting to just talk about everyone’s days and be out in the fresh air.


We met for our first seminar on the porch tonight. Phew, talk about overwhelming. Everything that we have to accomplish, type-up, remember, turn in, submit, publish, reflect upon and polish was terribly overwhelming. I’m sure it’s all with our best intentions in mind…..but it’s quite a bit to digest, sort through and plan for. Not to mention work around exploring a new country. I’ll stick with the Aussie motto – No worries, Mate! I’m sure it will get done. (Priorities Gina, priorities.)

Send me a message if there’s something specific you’d like me to snap a pic of, or find out for you. I’d LOVE to do some exploring for you 🙂


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