Playin’ Hookey

March 18.2014

Karen and I went on another adventure to find a doctor this morning. After a short while of going in circles we found the Medical and Dental center. The wait was surprisingly short and the visit was even shorter. It didn’t take long for the doctor to diagnosis me with pneumonia. Good news: it’s treatable. ( I have antibiotics now WOO!) Bad news: no going to school today.
After deciding that I’d been doing this working while sick thing for 6 days, then I could probably accompany her on her errands for the day. So we stopped at the mall to load our bus passes and I got to free shop for a bit.
We went back to the villas for lunch then headed off to the National Australian Library. The security was on par with the security at the library in National Treasure and they put a ‘beeper’ tag on my bag when I walked in. I loved the opportunity to finish resume work, write LONG emails to people I care about (Especially my 3rd graders, and cooperating teacher back in GR) and the chance to debrief the last few days.

That night I got to sit out at the pool with a few friends and go for a beautiful sunset hike with Sarah. We both very much needed the fresh air and chat session.

Buenos Nachos for now!


2 thoughts on “Playin’ Hookey”

  1. yayy! Glad you’re having fun and learning a bunch Gina! Feel Better ❤ LOVE YOU! and enjoy your time there!

    Love, Jaclyn

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