Sunday’s Best


I woke up to brilliant bird sounds all to early in the morning. Blame it on jet lag or the squawking, either way I was up and ready to go at 5:30 am. I walked out of our bedroom and that was the ‘it’s hit me moment’, “We’re in Australia”. The cool cross breeze through the windows was so refreshing and the beautiful sunrise out our front door was practically begging me to watch it. I made myself a cup of their coffee. [US equivalent: 1 shot of espresso… so I added water and sat on the porch just taking in the view. Prompted by the beauty I set out for another run. I mean shoot, it’s been below freezing the past 2 months I’ve got to take advantage of this heat while I can!

Matt, a fellow on the trip, and I went to church that morning and joined the elderly congregation for tea following mass. They were all too kind and wanted to know everything about our stay as well as giving us all the advice they could rally.

From there Karen, our accompanying University Professor, picked us up and took us to the Old Bus Market. Ho-ly Cow. I think I feel in love with the concentrated cultural festival that lived inside this open door warehouse. The cool breeze blew you forward toward the enticing smells of freshly baked bread and pastries. Just beyond the doors you were welcomed with the entrancing sounds of folk paying guitarist and violinist. As you meandered around the market you were time and time again awestruck with the natural beauty of artisan breads, hand crafted pottery, recycled jewelry, and traditional clothing. To top it all off it backs up to the beach, and the locals are awful friendly. I think I might become a Sunday regular.

IMG_3061[1] IMG_3066[1] IMG_3056[1]

When we got back from that I was ready for a good ol’ siesta. (wrong country?) That didn’t quite stop me. After a rather confusing and overwhelming meeting about bus passes, schedules and routes, I set up my eno hammock right outside our villa and read/napped for a bit.

Lastly off to dinner; walking just over 2.5km (1.5mi) to the local pizzeria Duxton to try some native food. Pumpkin pizza with fresh goat cheese. Yes. Please. So good! I don’t know that it was native food, but it was their special. Two for Tuesday pizza nights with other specials, here we come!

It was nice to share a meal with our whole group before starting the next morning.

EEK!! We’re starting tomorrow!! Cheers!


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