Villas not Trailers


We made it!! 39 hours of traveling start to finish and we are at home sweet Motor Village (US translation: Trailer Park)IMG_3081[1]

You know that feeling you get after skiing all day and you sit in the car and it still feels like your legs are moving? or when you ride roller coasters all day and when you lay down to sleep you still feel like your moving? Well I had the I just flew for 20 some odd hours and I feel like I’m still moving for all of Saturday. — Saturday, yeah…Friday got lost somewhere in the time zone switches haha!!.

So we got off the plane and into a taxi; our driver looked strangely like Ranjit in How I Met Your Mother. I laughed inside, and then we were off to the Alivio Motor Village. I kept my eyes peeled for a kangaroo, but the first wildlife I saw was a beautiful white Cockatoo fly by and perch in a tree. I was concerned it got out of it’s home, but alas, we’re in Australia…the wild is his home. Our village is surrounded by running/mountain biking trails hugged by plenty of shaggy Gum Trees. We made the hike, with our suitcases, uphill to Villa #2. Home sweet Villa.



I’m living here with Cansis, Paige and Sarah. As you can see there are two rooms. We’ve opted to share the four person room and utilize the queen room as a closet. Seems fair, says us, on day two. While I’m optimistic, we’ll see how we feel 4 weeks from now ;). We were all sooo ready for a shower, there’s just something about planes that make you sweat, stink and ooze oil. The other girls were more eager than I, so I took the opportunity to go for a ‘scouting out’ run. Still wanting to see a Kanga, I looked everywhere soaking up the scenery and familiarizing myself with our ‘neighborhood’. No Kangas, but I did see colorful parrots, kookaburras, bunnies and magpies.

We went grocery shopping next. What a trip. First, supermarkets are in the mall. Second, Meyer is a furniture/department store and Cole’s is a grocery store. Third, their escalators have no steps so you can take your shopping cart on them. (Magic Carpet shout out to my SpringHill friends!) Fourth, everything is expensive $$$!!! I’ve resolved to eating smart, and budgeting smarter.

Kim, the Coordinator from the University of Canberra met us back at the Villas with welcome gifts and plenty of helpful information. She had a brilliantly elegant accent and brought along her adorable daughter Sascha. That night was a night of relaxing, unpacking and listening to music on the porch with the rest of the group…still hopeful of seeing a kangaroo…notice a theme?


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