Mini Pretzels, Frozen and Jet Lag

Wow! The past 30+ hours have been a whirlwind of popping ears, checking baggage, obeying flight attendants, stomaching airplane food, anticipating everything, conversing with strangers, and observing all the scenery. As I write this we’re sitting in the Sydney International airport awaiting the last leg of our initial travels to Canberra. [Can-bur-ah] Things I am thankful for this far: pleasant seat neighbors, national and international security, my dad’s travel neck pillow, water, movies, Kleenex and mostly my parents, brothers and friends support.

With this long of travel I’ve had quite a long time to think through things of this trip. Every time I feel anxiety about the next 5 weeks creep up I have to hush them with my patient pants and a healthy sense of adventure.

Before I left GR, one of my students handed me a note that said –Miss Mouch, DO NOT open until you’re on the plane-. With all of the excitement I forgot that I’d tucked it away until almost the end of the flight! With a new excitement I read her warm words of encouragement and, man, you couldn’t wipe away my smile with a Clorox wipe if you tried. I’m sure going to miss the lil’ 3rd graders and my extremely talented cooperating teacher. On to new adventures though.

On the first flight I sat next to a principal, and a superintendent from Michigan. On the second plan ride I sat next to a Behavior Management Specialist and Special Education Director from Georgia. All four were so kind and so interested in our experience. What a small world of educators! When they say networking is everywhere, they meant it…even 30,000 feet in the air.

23 hours is a long time to be in the air. Luckily they were stocked with plenty of movies, turned down the lights and kept the mini pretzels coming. I even got to see the movie Frozen, FINALLY!, and Monsters U, again… Yes, I’m a child 🙂 But oh, what a joy it was to see the white virtual airplane finish crossing the Pacific Ocean and go from 17 hours to just minutes.



As we sit for our last flight I’m, almost literally, itching for a shower and excited to see where we’ll call home for the next few weeks. I know everyone is tired, and a bit craby, but were in AUSTRALIA!! Let me repeat that if it didn’t quite sink in the first time. We are in AUSTRALIA! 😀 One thing on my ‘To Do in My Lifetime’ list, check. 🙂

The Australia domestic flight was a tiny plane and was barley an ascent than descent, but they still made time for a snack. 😉


Just the atmosphere here is different; light, happy, warm (no snow!) and filled with neat accents!!

More on the ‘Aussie atmosphere’ soon! 🙂


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